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Nigerian film studio set to ROK SA

ROK 16 LogoRok, the award-winning Nigerian film studio and entertainment brand, will launch on DStv in South Africa on 1 December 2016. The Lagos-based film studio will bring DStv customers, exciting original TV series and Nollywood movies.

The new channel will launch with Rok Studios’ exclusively-produced content, including Husbands of Lagos, Festac Town, Banks Chronicles and Bloodline, with all the TV series and movies showcasing for the first time on African television. Rok will be available to DStv Premium, DStv Extra and DStv Compact customers, and some of the shows will be on DStv Catch Up.

Nigerian cinema, known colloquially as Nollywood, is the second largest film industry in the world, in terms of production output. In its short history, Rok has become one of the industry’s most prolific producers of new, original content, with arguably Africa’s most extensive Nollywood catalogue of 12 TV series and over 150 movies.

The new, exclusively Nollywood channel will be fully programmed, produced and developed in-house, by Rok’s Lagos-based team. Mary Njoku, award-winning Nollywood actress and film producer who has spent over 12 years at the heart of Nigerian filmmaking, will head up the channel.

Speaking on the launch, Rok CEO Mary Njoku  says: “Joining the DStv family is the next step in Rok’s evolution as Nollywood’s leading film production house and brand. Broadcasting our original content to millions of movie fans across the African continent, on a platform as far-reaching and illustrious as DStv, is an exhilarating prospect.

“What lies beneath every Rok production, the Rok brand, be it movies or TV series, is our fanatical love of African storytelling; we want to relate amazing African stories that our fans can recognise, be swept away by and be entertained with. We work with Nigeria’s most exceptional talent, in front of and behind the camera, and we continue to push the boundaries in terms of production values. This has given us the edge, in our short history, and has helped us build a fanbase around the world. Rok on DStv allows us to bring Rok to every corner of the continent and connect viewers with content they love”.  

“One of the cornerstones of our customer promise is to deliver content that our customers love and enjoy, and that is why we’re excited to introduce Rok which will boost DStv’s local content and further diversify our offering”, says Aletta Alberts Head of Content at MultiChoice.

Rok launched across the continent on 01 November 2016.

For further information about the channel and programming to look forward to on Rok, visit DStv.com

Carte Blanche presenter wins R250 000 for charity!

Spell BoundDevi Sankaree Govender is the first jackpot winner of M-Net’s new game show Spellbound

In the very first edition of M-Net’s new Sunday night game show Spellbound, an uncharacteristically nervous Carte Blanche presenter Devi Sankaree Govender employed her impeccable spelling skills to win just over a quarter of a million Rand for a charity close to her heart - the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust.

Not only did Devi first out-spell three famous television personalities, she also bravely continued to climb the money ladder all the way to the to top, knowing that one misstep at any stage could make her lose all of the funds that could be used to upgrade paediatric units in State hospitals and save the lives of thousands of children around the country. But her good faith, tenacity – and flawless word skills – paid off. Devi nabbed the show’s jackpot prize of R100 000 which was generously doubled by M-Net for this special kick-off episode of Spellbound, as well as the surprise R50 000 which was given to the charities of all four the celebs who participated in this special show. Added to that, she also received the small extra amount of cash that she’d accumulated in the beginning rounds of the spelling contest.

Devi’s fiercest competition came from Rapport newspaper editor and kykNET Verslag host Waldimar Pelser, who was still chasing the unstoppable Devi to great spelling heights up until the penultimate round. In previous stages of the competition they eliminated The Voice SA V-reporter and 94.7 radio personality Stacey Norman as well as VUZU AMP’s Dineo Ranake from Dineo’s Diary fame. 

While Devi, who told Spellbound show hosts Vanessa Marawa and Jason Greer how difficult it is to continue to raise funds for the Carte Blanche Making A Difference Trust, described her win for the Trust as “the best experience of her life”, the three other charities that will benefit from this week’s Spellbound show are: Little Eden, chosen by Dineo, which cares for persons with intellectual disabilities, Waldimar’s charity Die Rapport Onderwysfonds which provides financial support to students who are studying towards a teacher’s qualification and Dignity Dreams, a cause which helps girls gain access to sanitary wear that they can’t otherwise afford and which is very close to Stacey’s heart.

“This was indeed a wonderful way to start this new fun-filled and family-friendly game show,” says M-Net’s Head of Publicity, Lani Lombard. “This is the only episode featuring celebrities, however. From next week, we will see how super-spellers from different age groups handle the pressure of being more word perfect than their peers – whether they’re still in primary school or are graduates.”

The Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust will put all of Devi’s prize money towards the creation of, and equipping paediatric units in State hospitals around the country, and in this week’s episode of Carte Blanche viewers were given a glimpse of the Trust’s latest project – a brand new Infant High Care Unit at Sebokeng Hospital in the Vaal area. With the help of the private sector, especially mining company South 32, the Trust has has managed to raise a considerable amount of money in order to upgrade the paediatric units of nine hospitals nationwide, which now includes Sebokeng.

For information on the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust, visit the link on the official Carte Blanche site: http://carteblanche.dstv.com/mad/mad-projects/ . Catch Spellbound every Sunday at 17:00 on M-Net channel 101, and Carte Blanche at 19:00.

Terra not so 'Terrafic'/"Idols SA" vote for final 2 is on

Noma and terra cox outOne of this year’s favourite on “Idols SA” proved to be not so ‘Terrafic’ after all, and missed out on a spot in the last three outing this coming Sunday, 20th November.

This happened as Terra Cox (pictured right) got the least votes of the over 10 million cast last week after the Top 4 left for New York and was booted out of the show. His exit sees him also miss out on the Top 3 spot from the over 10million votes cast last week, and a chance to be announced as the final two on Sunday, 20th November. Add to that that R1.2 million first prize that is now some two weeks away.

The singer who was leading the pack during the first few spectacular dates says “Nothing went wrong” that saw him lose his perceived lea. “I think the other kids just grew,” he says about the rise of the others, whom he admits “raised their game” in the contest. “The singer says he is not heartbroken to about being kicked out of the show. “I am just bruised. I am bruised, I never break. From here on I am gonna push myself. I am a bit tired, just need to rest for week and then I start working on my music.”

Before finishing asking who will win this year, terra jumps in and says “Noma” (left). “You don’t even have to finish the question,” he says wryly. “She is young and still growing. She has that X factor. She is winning this,” he predicted.

That’s interesting considering that the ladies started on the back end when the Top 10 was announced. In fact, Noma (voting number 02) had performed the Babyface/Toni Braxton duet “Hurt you” at the start of the show before the results were announced.

Tebogo (09) and Thami (08) opened the show with a duet of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down” by George Michael feat Elton John. This week the Top 3 performed twice more, and their spirited acts showed how much they were fighting to get to the finish line that has been described as the biggest and “most important votes this year”.

Tebogo led with “Lengoma” by Zahara, followed by Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone” on piano. The judges were bowled over. “Your range is extraordinary,” declared Gareth. Somizi proclaimed: “You have done your best and your best is good enough.” Unathi followed with “You are making all the right decisions at the right time. First we said you are the only act who plays the guitar in the contest, and then now you are like oh!, I am the only one who plays the Piano” And Randall announced that “tonight you have made the right choices.”

Thami followed with an emotive “To Make You Feel My Love” by Adele and channelled his inner Motown funk with “Let’s Get It on” by Marvin Gaye. Somizi told him he deserves to be on that stage as part of the Top Three, while an impressed Gareth showered him with compliments and called Thami “an old soul”. Randall also added his accolades. “This is testimony to how hard you’ve worked and how much you want to be here.”

The last woman standing, Noma started off with Kelly Price’s “As We Lay” by Kelly Price and closed the show with Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons”. While Randall and Gareth were underwhelmed by the first song, Unathi showered her with compliments. “You killed it! I’m proud of you, you are deserving to be here. Randall and Gareth did not like the first song.”

 With the race to the finale as tight as a drum, Randall reiterated that this is anyone’s game. It’s going to be a phenomenal finish! Tickets to the finale are now and sale and are expected to be snapped up in a flash.

To vote by SMS, you need to text the voting number of your favourite contestant or Idol to 37400. Each SMS vote costs R1.50, and you will be limited to 100 SMS votes per voting period.

To vote via WeChat, you will need to log on to the WeChat application on your mobile phone. Voting on WeChat is free, but do note that the data costs of your Internet Service Provider will apply.

For more on “Idols SA” action, visit www.idolssa.tv or be part of the conversation via the following social media platforms: Facebook: Idols South Africa (www.facebook.com/IdolsSA), Twitter: @IdolsSA #IdolsSA, Instagram: @IdolsSA, WeChat ID: IdolsSA

No honour amongst thieves as “Heist” returns

Heist pic 2016f rturnThe legendary Jerry Mofokeng (second left) leads an interesting cast that includes Solomon Twalo (far left), Warren Masemola (2nd left), Wright Ngubeni (3rd left), Mbali Ka Ngwenya (middle), and Sayitsheni Mdaki (far right) are back to pull off another Heist.

Of course this follows the dramatization of the “Heist” that was pulled off at Justin Bieber’s FNB concert some years earlier. The action drama series captured TV viewers’ interest with a money hungry gang of 6 pulling off the dramatic cash heist earlier this year.

In season one, gang leader, Talent (Jerry Mofokeng) and his counterpart Justice (Vincent Vilakazi) got fired from their jobs. They walked away with no pension and no dignity. Justice committed suicide. Talent formed a gang of five men and one sassy streetwise girl and they planned a heist. The gang consists of Mark the inside man (Sayitsheni Mdaki), Merci the con-artist (Mbali Ka Ngwenya) , Flash the get-away driver (Solomon Twalo), Cosatu the bomb specialist (Warren Masemola) and 5Bob the street Hustler (Wright Ngubeni).

After a successful heist, Talent distributed some of the stolen money to the gang and a share to his late colleague, Justice’s family as his “pension”. He stashed the rest away in a secret place. He then instructed the gang to lie low.

This time around viewers can expect to see the gang failing to keep their new life of luxury under the radar. 5Bob makes sure people know he is a rich man, as he hosts parties and starts indulging in drugs. Cosatu associates himself with politicians and starts bribing them for tenders. Afraid that the gang members wayward behaviour will attract unwanted attention from the cops, Talent calls them to order and refuses to give them the rest of their share until they lie low.

The money woes continue, as the gang members all try to figure out where Talent has kept the rest of the money. Gang members turn against each other. In the midst of all the drama, one of the gang members is killed and no one knows who is responsible for the murder.

The police are on their trail. Who will get to the money first? Will it be the police or one of the gang members?

“Heist is an awesome show with great production value. We are excited to bring our viewers another compelling season of the show,” says Marlon Davids, Managing Director of e.tv Channels Division

Find out who will be the last man standing on this returning season at 9:30PM on e.tv.

 Viewers will get the opportunity to watch in HD quality on eHD on OpenView HD

A futuristic looking farmer & entrepreneurs working from their homes enter Shark tank

Taryn SharkNow that all five of the Sharks in M-Net and Telkom SA’s “Shark Tank South Africa” have invested in a number of diverse local businesses, the gloves come off this week as they start snapping at each other in the face of some brand new budding business owners.

Amongst the entrepreneurs who are brave enough to step into the tank this week are a farmer who wants to bring tech to agriculture, a young biokineticist with a unique invention to relieve pain, and two sets of entrepreneurs who are running their small businesses straight out of their homes and need some capital to grow – and fast.

As usual the Sharks are not scared to let rip when faced with some outlandish claims and questionable financial projections, but between all of the harsh – and even sarcastic – commentary, this week’s episode will provide plenty of excellent tips for business owners who want to find out how to pitch their businesses to any investors, whether it be the Sharks themselves, venture capitalists or banks. As tech guru Vinny Lingham wisely puts it: “The best investments are made in entrepreneurs who are going to be successful without you, not because of you.”

This episode follows last week’s one were two more deals were struck, with the youngest Shark in the tank, Marnus Broodryk, finally making his first investment in a delicious micro brewed beer company. This was in geologist Jacques Nel and his four-legged friend and mascot of his brand, bulldog Lady Trinity, who were looking for an investment in his micro-brewery named “Ja Brew”. The Sharks loved Jacques’ branding and the potential for growth in the micro brewing market, but had concerns around the fact that he was still waiting for his liquor license. However, Shark Marnus, who has previously owned a vegan restaurant and understood the challenges that come with acquiring a liquor license, felt that he could have a lot of fun developing the business with Jacques, rather than simply investing.

Marnus offered Jacques a R250 000 loan in exchange for a 50% stake in “Ja Brew” and committed to helping Jacques lay the essential ground work to get his business up and running properly. “Take the deal!” fellow Shark Gil Oved advised Jacques, which he was happy to do.

Furthermore, 40-year-old media consultant Taryn Gill (pictured) also excited the sharks with her company “Perfect Hair”, a collection of proudly African products for African women. Taryn’s naturally made hair care products are targeted at all different hair texture types, for women, children and men, and she wanted to use the Sharks’ investment to open up concept stores. Most of the Sharks told her that this was an unrealistic idea, and not the right direction required to successfully grow her business.

But Taryn’s personality and hustling attitude is what really got the Sharks excited. She received her first deal offer from marketing guru Gil Oved, who offered her R250 000 for 50% equity in her business, with the view to take the marketing of her products to the next level. Romeo, however, came on board with a deal that included his secure base of distribution channels, as well as more money for less equity. Romeo’s offer was R400 000 for a 40% share in Taryn’s business, but it wasn’t over yet! Vinny also chipped in on the basis of his experience in e-commerce. Wanting Taryn to keep her business sales online, Vinny offered to partner with Gil for the same offer that Romeo gave her, which Gil also agreed to. As if this wasn’t already an incredibly hard decision for Taryn to make, Romeo then introduced a game-changer by offering his wife, business woman and former Miss South Africa Basetsana Kumalo, as a partner in the business, specifically to focus on the marketing side of things. It was an offer that Taryn simply couldn’t refuse, and with that, Romeo clinched his second deal of the season.

To find out more about the businesses that have been featured on the series so far, especially if you’re interested in supporting them with an order or purchase, go to www.mnet.tv/sharktank or follow the conversation about the show on Twitter @MNetSharkTank with the hashtag #SharkTankSA.

Shark Tank SA, sponsored by Telkom SA, is screened on Sundays between 6 and 7pm on M-Net 101. This corresponds with the timeslot on a Sunday when all DStv customers can get a taste of what’s available on M-Net 101, so if you’re not a DStv Premium customer, you can also go to channel 101 to watch “Shark Tank SA”. The series will also be available on DStv Catch Up and streamed live on DStv Now.

Kegan out/ladies back in the game on idols SA

Kegan is out FThe remaining two ladies came out fighting on “Idols SA”, especially Noma, as Keegan Martin (pictured) lost out to her in the end and was eliminated from the show.

In a jaw-dropping result that sent shockwaves in homes and on social media across the country, the singer got the least votes of the almost 8million posted after last week’s performances. A judges’ favourite – whom Randall Abrahams once declared “it ain’t over ‘till Keegan sings” – Keegan’s exit solidified that there’s nothing predictable about Idols SA.

Speaking after his exit, Keegan, who promised that the music will go on and a single to drop next year, said he was surprised by the action. “I can’t tell who is a favourite, as all the contestants have it to win the show. They are really all talented,” he said.

Reacting to Keegan’s exit, Unathi Msengana explained: “It’s been hard to predict what South Africa wants. It’s such a tumultuous and emotional time. Everyone who is here right now deserves to be here; Keegan deserves to be here.”

But the show must go on, and for the first time this season the contestants had to perform two songs chosen by viewers.

Tebogo (voting number 08) upped his game and proved to be a perfect choice with “Intliziyo” by Nathi first and then a fired out performance of “These Arms” by All 4 One. Lucia impressed as she hit “different notes” on “A Couple of Forevers” by Chrisette Michelle and did again as she honoured the great Etta James with the classic “At Last”.

Clawing right to claim her place, Noma (04) look to last year’s winner Karabo’s “Ngifuna Lo” to put her right back into the game. She later won the hearts of the audience and a possible winner’s producers - Thaso, who produced Hhp’s Bosso kemang”, and Bheki Nqoko, who has worked with Kelly Khumalo – when she did Jennifer Hudson’s “Giving Myself to You” and “made it her own.

To be fair, the two kept on turning to each and seemed mesmerised by most of the performances and talent on stage. Thaso was then heard saying “Gallo has an interesting choice to make” from the “amazing” singers, of course apart from the winner.

Thami (09) performed Etta James’ “All I Could” gave Thaso goose bumps, and he built “Sand Castles” of Beyoncé track. Bevin (05), who doesn’t have “the greatest voice”, but “able to pull off a captivating performance” started with “Can We Talk” by Tevin Campbell and followed that up with Rihanna’s yester-year hit “Diamonds”. Gareth Cliff predicted that Thami will be South Africa’s own Luther Vandross in a decade or two.

After the first song, majority of the judges declared Thami the forerunner of the evening after his emotive Etta James heartbreaker song. And in another first this season, Terra received a thumbs down from two judges. Tonight was proving to be a race like no other so far.

The crowd favourite, Terra Cox (06), whom many said this year’s crown is his to lose, bombed when he did the did Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me”. He then hit right back to claim his “rightful place”, when he did Sia’s “Alive”. “You must forgive yourself,” said a concerned Unathi after this redeeming performance. The judge was impressed that he managed to do just that and mentioned that some of the biggest world stars have managed to forget lines of “their very own songs”. Somizi reiterated that he was the best vocalist on Idols, and Gareth said he had shut the show down.

Bevin was declared a “popstar” by Randall, who complimented him on being able to work with the energy of the crowd. Gareth said he had smacked his performance out the ballpark.

Noma (02) closed the Top Six show with a powerful performance, and received some advice from the judges to stop retreating into herself. The confidence she had shown on stage a couple of weeks ago seems to be waning, according to the judges’ comments, who advised her to reclaim her space in the spotlight again.

As is part of the show with the Wooden mike contestants, next week, the remaining contestants will perform songs by those who slayed their auditions, and cracking everyone in the process.

Voting opened after the first of the live show will remain open until 10pm on Tuesday. To vote by SMS, you need to text the voting number of your favourite contestant or Idol to 37400. Each SMS vote costs R1.50, and you will be limited to 100 SMS votes per voting period.

To vote via WeChat, you will need to log on to the WeChat application on your mobile phone. Voting on WeChat is free, but do note that the data costs of your Internet Service Provider will apply.

For more on “Idols SA” action, visit www.idolssa.tv or be part of the conversation via the following social media platforms: Facebook: Idols South Africa (www.facebook.com/IdolsSA), Twitter: @IdolsSA #IdolsSA, Instagram: @IdolsSA, WeChat ID: IdolsSA

"Tempy Pushas" back for more

Tempy Pushas 3 16"Tempy Pushas" starring Fezile Makhanya (Kuti); Luzuko Nteleko (X) and Akhumzi Jezile (Ngulube) is back on SABC1 for the third time, and all the drama has been taken a level up.

Set against the backdrop of the lavish fashion world and juxtaposed with the vibrant township culture, “Tempy Pushas”, focuses on two giant fashion houses, two families - a poisonous saga of greed, revenge and buried pasts, as the multi-million rand fashion market lies waiting… for the taking!

Also starring Tumie Ngumla (Princess); Sibulele Gcilitshana (Dot.Kom); Marah Louw (MaGirlie); Camilla Waldman (Alex) and Lerato Mvelase (Qaga), the show brings to light the grit and reality behind the fashion industry – going beyond the just the luxury, celebrity and style associated with the industry. Exposing the everyday trials and tribulations and exploring various themes including: realising potential; exploitation; loyalty; complexity of relationships and love.

This is a story about 3 orphans whose friendship is tested on their way to becoming their own men. The series asks the dramatic question - “Can a brotherhood be broken and if so, can it be fixed again?”

In season 3 of the series, Kuti, X and Ngulube have lost everything – but we all know you can’t keep a Tempy Pusha down! Kuti is determined to win back the House of Bogatsu, but he will need a new power base before he can take on his old nemesis, Dot.Org, who has now reinvented himself more times than Madonna.

Determined to claw their way back to success, the three band together with Princess to form a funky new fashion company. They’re ready to take on the world – except Kuti develops a secret new obsession, X is lost at sea after his first heartbreak, and Ngulube's grasp on sanity might be unravelling completely.

Kicking off on a high, the first episode sees Zen’s Scream Range being a huge success, sending social media buzz through the roof, with everyone wanting to know one thing; who is the brilliant designer behind the smash hit?

Meanwhile, everyone from House of Bogatsu is still reeling after being duped into selling their company to Zen Holdings for one rand. Kuti is determined to go after Zen with everything he’s got, but Alex advises him that fighting for control of the company will drain them of what little money they have and they’ll still lose.

Ngulube finally has a brain wave; why don’t the 3 boys and Princess just start their own company? How will everything explode?

Catch “Tempy Pushas” from this Friday, 14th October,  at 8.30pm.

"Shark Tank SA" means business

Shark Tank SA 2fSome entrepreneurs are set to fly, while others, in the true business world, will be false starters.

This was evident on the second episode of M-Net and Telkom SA’s rollercoaster reality show “Shark Tank South Africa”, as tough tech tycoon Vinny Lingham (pictured left) gutted three overly ambitious business plans before soft-spoken young mum Sarah Jeffreys (33) from Kempton Park melted his heart.

Vinny delved deep into his own pocket to invest in “Comfy Mummy Nursery Feeding Chairs”, the furniture line that she’s currently manufacturing in her father-in-law’s shop fitting factory. The deal was sealed with plenty of tears.

After Vinny’s fellow Sharks Gil Oved, Romeo Kumalo, Dawn Nathan-Jones and Marnus Broodryk (pictured right) complimented Sarah’s passion, drive and superb presentation, they all declined the proposal, prompting Sarah to give it one final go. She explained to Vinny in detail what her thought processes were, how willing she was to learn and illustrated how difficult it is for unexperienced entrepreneurs to make the right calls without proper guidance. Her heartfelt plea not only reeled Vinny in; it also made tears well up in Dawn, Gil and Marnus’ eyes.

While Sarah walked off with an investment of R400 000 in exchange for 30% equity in her business, seasoned business man Nelis Retief (44), rugby coach Reinhardt van Niekerk (38) and 3D design team Fabian Arends (27) and Carl Adams (30) left the pressure-cooker “Shark Tank” empty handed.

Nelis wanted a whopping R48 million to take tourists deep into the ocean to view South African marine life, coral, shipwrecks and sites that have until now only been reserved for the select few scuba divers in a 48-seater submarine. When the Sharks heard that it was a refurbished 19-year old vessel, however, and that no location has been tied down yet, his business plan sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Romeo, who is usually keen on investing in tourism, called it “a big, hairy, audacious concept”, Dawn and Vinny made it clear that they prefer light-asset investments and Gil only wanted to be on board once the submarine was in the water and functioning.

Committed rugby coach Reinhardt van Niekerk from Mpumalanga was ready to scrum the Sharks into the vision of a lifetime.  In what Gil called a “tour de force” presentation, he proclaimed that his social rugby career website “Rugby Tool” would connect and change rugby lives.

“It’s all a numbers game. Boom!” he explained, but when the Sharks started crunching the figures, they came to the conclusion that Reinhardt would not be the Mark Zuckerberg of the rugby world.

Gil was confused about whether he was selling an app or a website, Dawn was equally concerned that there was nothing tangible to invest in and Vinny, who has put money into more than 50 tech start-ups, told him outright that he was doing it all wrong and advised him to go back to the world of rugby as he would lose a lot of money in tech. Marnus loved his attitude, but when it came to the final decision he thought it best to rather drop the ball.

The Sharks also rejected a possible investment in ‘4D Pro Design’, the fledgling enterprise of architect Carl Adams and his suave business partner Fabian Arends. They all believed that the two young men did not have a viable business yet and that consultancies are not investable opportunities. Marnus gave them some solid advice and explained that they’re making a common mistake amongst young entrepreneurs. One can’t expect an investment based on an idea or concept only. You need the necessary traction and clientele.

This episode followed the premiere one were Gil Oved was the first Shark to clinch a deal in Shark Tank South Africa.

In the premiere episode of M-Net and Telkom SA’s new reality television show, Shark Tank South Africa, Vusi Ravele (29) became the first entrepreneur to benefit from a lucrative investment.

When Vusi passionately pitched his business Native Décor in the tank, the five Sharks - business tycoons who are willing to dig deep into their own pockets to support budding businesses - all circled in to take the bait.

However, it was Gil who wanted a 50% partnership and R400 000 he could provide mentorship, channel distribution and marketing and help him to turn into an exceptionally wealthy individual, who came out topsl. He would also sweeten Vusi’s expansion plans and cash flow with a longstanding credit loan of R3 million.

He bought into Vusi Ravele' (29) Native décor company. Vusi, who designs and creates unique and trendy, yet functional, proudly South African home and décor items and then sells them online, wanted R400 000 in exchange for a 25% equity stake in Native Décor. 

Ready to swim with the big fish, but not willing to give away half of his business, Vusi made Gil a counter offer – 40% for R400 000 – which sealed the first business deal in the history of Shark Tank South Africa.

To find out more about the businesses, especially if you’re interested in supporting them with an order or purchase, go to www.mnet.tv/sharktank or follow the conversation about the show on Twitter @MNetSharkTank with the hashtag #SharkTankSA.

Shark Tank SA, sponsored by Telkom SA, is screened on Sundays between 18:00 and 19:00 on M-Net 101. This corresponds with the timeslot on a Sunday when all DStv customers can get a taste of what’s available on M-Net 101, so if you’re not a DStv Premium customer, you can also go to channel 101 to watch Shark Tank SA. The series will also be available on DStv Catch Up and streamed live on DStv Now. 

Spinning for top dollar

Spin on etv 16Comedian Mpho “Popps” Modikoane (right) and car club owner, Victor Pardal (left) host the the much anticipated car spinning show, “So You Think You Can Spin” that premiered on e.tv on Friday, 07 October at 5:30PM.

Searching for the best in Mzansi, the pair travel to four cities to bring you top car spinners. The auditions are held in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Nelspruit and the last city will be Pretoria on Saturday, 08 October at Mahem Raceway.

Various spinners will be put to the test to show off their best tricks in wheels spinning. Viewers will be treated to riveting action with spinners drifting the car around in smoky circles. The selected finest spinners will be vying for their judge’s approval to earn the title of the best spinner in Mzansi.

 “Spinning has received a major makeover in the country as it is now recognised as a registered motor sport, we are excited that e.tv viewers will get an opportunity to see ordinary people doing extra ordinary things.” said Selwyn Bouverie, Executive Producer & Managing Director of So You Think You Can Spin 

 The first episode took viewers on an exciting journey of finding Mzansi’s best spinners. From the auditions, the panel of expert judges will choose their top 16 contenders to compete for the ultimate prize. The panel of judges includes “The King of Spin” Magesh Ndaba, self-motoring enthusiast Vuyi Mpofu and well known spinner Preshu Singh. Viewers will get an opportunity to vote for their favourite spinner who will ultimately walk away with R250 000 cash prize.

 “After “Spina Guluva”, we are thrilled to bring yet another car spinning show.  “So You Think You Can Spin” will showcase the best drifting and spinning stunts that will have our viewers on the edge of their seats.” says Marlon Davids, Managing Director of e.tv Channels Division