"Tempy Pushas" back for more

Tempy Pushas 3 16"Tempy Pushas" starring Fezile Makhanya (Kuti); Luzuko Nteleko (X) and Akhumzi Jezile (Ngulube) is back on SABC1 for the third time, and all the drama has been taken a level up.

Set against the backdrop of the lavish fashion world and juxtaposed with the vibrant township culture, “Tempy Pushas”, focuses on two giant fashion houses, two families - a poisonous saga of greed, revenge and buried pasts, as the multi-million rand fashion market lies waiting… for the taking!

Also starring Tumie Ngumla (Princess); Sibulele Gcilitshana (Dot.Kom); Marah Louw (MaGirlie); Camilla Waldman (Alex) and Lerato Mvelase (Qaga), the show brings to light the grit and reality behind the fashion industry – going beyond the just the luxury, celebrity and style associated with the industry. Exposing the everyday trials and tribulations and exploring various themes including: realising potential; exploitation; loyalty; complexity of relationships and love.

This is a story about 3 orphans whose friendship is tested on their way to becoming their own men. The series asks the dramatic question - “Can a brotherhood be broken and if so, can it be fixed again?”

In season 3 of the series, Kuti, X and Ngulube have lost everything – but we all know you can’t keep a Tempy Pusha down! Kuti is determined to win back the House of Bogatsu, but he will need a new power base before he can take on his old nemesis, Dot.Org, who has now reinvented himself more times than Madonna.

Determined to claw their way back to success, the three band together with Princess to form a funky new fashion company. They’re ready to take on the world – except Kuti develops a secret new obsession, X is lost at sea after his first heartbreak, and Ngulube's grasp on sanity might be unravelling completely.

Kicking off on a high, the first episode sees Zen’s Scream Range being a huge success, sending social media buzz through the roof, with everyone wanting to know one thing; who is the brilliant designer behind the smash hit?

Meanwhile, everyone from House of Bogatsu is still reeling after being duped into selling their company to Zen Holdings for one rand. Kuti is determined to go after Zen with everything he’s got, but Alex advises him that fighting for control of the company will drain them of what little money they have and they’ll still lose.

Ngulube finally has a brain wave; why don’t the 3 boys and Princess just start their own company? How will everything explode?

Catch “Tempy Pushas” from this Friday, 14th October,  at 8.30pm.