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Kegan out/ladies back in the game on idols SA

Kegan is out FThe remaining two ladies came out fighting on “Idols SA”, especially Noma, as Keegan Martin (pictured) lost out to her in the end and was eliminated from the show.

In a jaw-dropping result that sent shockwaves in homes and on social media across the country, the singer got the least votes of the almost 8million posted after last week’s performances. A judges’ favourite – whom Randall Abrahams once declared “it ain’t over ‘till Keegan sings” – Keegan’s exit solidified that there’s nothing predictable about Idols SA.

Speaking after his exit, Keegan, who promised that the music will go on and a single to drop next year, said he was surprised by the action. “I can’t tell who is a favourite, as all the contestants have it to win the show. They are really all talented,” he said.

Reacting to Keegan’s exit, Unathi Msengana explained: “It’s been hard to predict what South Africa wants. It’s such a tumultuous and emotional time. Everyone who is here right now deserves to be here; Keegan deserves to be here.”

But the show must go on, and for the first time this season the contestants had to perform two songs chosen by viewers.

Tebogo (voting number 08) upped his game and proved to be a perfect choice with “Intliziyo” by Nathi first and then a fired out performance of “These Arms” by All 4 One. Lucia impressed as she hit “different notes” on “A Couple of Forevers” by Chrisette Michelle and did again as she honoured the great Etta James with the classic “At Last”.

Clawing right to claim her place, Noma (04) look to last year’s winner Karabo’s “Ngifuna Lo” to put her right back into the game. She later won the hearts of the audience and a possible winner’s producers - Thaso, who produced Hhp’s Bosso kemang”, and Bheki Nqoko, who has worked with Kelly Khumalo – when she did Jennifer Hudson’s “Giving Myself to You” and “made it her own.

To be fair, the two kept on turning to each and seemed mesmerised by most of the performances and talent on stage. Thaso was then heard saying “Gallo has an interesting choice to make” from the “amazing” singers, of course apart from the winner.

Thami (09) performed Etta James’ “All I Could” gave Thaso goose bumps, and he built “Sand Castles” of Beyoncé track. Bevin (05), who doesn’t have “the greatest voice”, but “able to pull off a captivating performance” started with “Can We Talk” by Tevin Campbell and followed that up with Rihanna’s yester-year hit “Diamonds”. Gareth Cliff predicted that Thami will be South Africa’s own Luther Vandross in a decade or two.

After the first song, majority of the judges declared Thami the forerunner of the evening after his emotive Etta James heartbreaker song. And in another first this season, Terra received a thumbs down from two judges. Tonight was proving to be a race like no other so far.

The crowd favourite, Terra Cox (06), whom many said this year’s crown is his to lose, bombed when he did the did Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me”. He then hit right back to claim his “rightful place”, when he did Sia’s “Alive”. “You must forgive yourself,” said a concerned Unathi after this redeeming performance. The judge was impressed that he managed to do just that and mentioned that some of the biggest world stars have managed to forget lines of “their very own songs”. Somizi reiterated that he was the best vocalist on Idols, and Gareth said he had shut the show down.

Bevin was declared a “popstar” by Randall, who complimented him on being able to work with the energy of the crowd. Gareth said he had smacked his performance out the ballpark.

Noma (02) closed the Top Six show with a powerful performance, and received some advice from the judges to stop retreating into herself. The confidence she had shown on stage a couple of weeks ago seems to be waning, according to the judges’ comments, who advised her to reclaim her space in the spotlight again.

As is part of the show with the Wooden mike contestants, next week, the remaining contestants will perform songs by those who slayed their auditions, and cracking everyone in the process.

Voting opened after the first of the live show will remain open until 10pm on Tuesday. To vote by SMS, you need to text the voting number of your favourite contestant or Idol to 37400. Each SMS vote costs R1.50, and you will be limited to 100 SMS votes per voting period.

To vote via WeChat, you will need to log on to the WeChat application on your mobile phone. Voting on WeChat is free, but do note that the data costs of your Internet Service Provider will apply.

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