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Supersport goes widescreen

SuperSportWhat better way to watch sport than to catch your favourite game on widescreen?

Well, that's exactly what SuperSport has in mind for you to create a viewing experience that is exceptional. From Tuesday, 4 February 2014, SuperSport will switch its standard definition (SD) channels over to a widescreen format also known as a 16:9 aspect ratio.

This means that SuperSport SD viewers will now have a richer, fuller viewing experience and won't miss a single second of the action. The switch over also brings these SD channels in line with international broadcasting trends and with other channels on the DStv platform.

Sport is all about the action. Its beauty is in those slow-motion images that capture the agony and the ecstasy as athletes push themselves to the fringes of human endurance. It's about teamwork, compassion, competition and the heat of battle. ...and might we add ...and the viewing pleasure.

Imagine the frustration of being pulled out of an adrenaline-filled emersion in your favourite game because part of your picture's been cut off. That was the problem with the old 4:3 aspect ratio when combined with modern flatscreen TVs.

If you have an older TV, fear not – there's a workaround. Just use the SHIFT key on your DStv remote to select ARC and change it to 16:9 letterbox. This will display the full 16:9 image on your 4:3 screen with black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. You can also use make the change from the MENU on your decoder.

Brandon Foot, Acting CEO of SuperSport, confirmed that this development brought SuperSport in line with international trends. "It offers a far richer viewing experience, particularly for sport which is often fluid and panoramic. We're looking forward to its implementation and expect that viewers will enjoy the new format."

For more information about aspect ratios and resetting these on your decoder, log on to DStv.com/self-service.

NCIS strikes back with 9th season

NCIS1The worldwide popular police procedural is back from Monday, 27th Jan.

The new season opens with an investigation that's as close to home as they come. On the first episode NCIS' own Tony (Michael Weatherly) gets shot!

Don't worry, he survives - but he has no recollection of what's happened. Can he overcome that fairly significant obstacle to help Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Dr. Cranston piece together what happened to him?

Taking place over the course of several months, this unusual season opener includes farewells to some familiar faces, but also the addition of new recurring characters to the NCIS fold.

NCIS Series 9, Universal Channel, DStv Channel 117, 8pm

Arsenio Hall is back

Arsenio hallSony Entertainment Television (DStv channel 127) has secured the exclusive rights to broadcast the brand new talk programme "The Arsenio Hall Show" due to premieré on Monday 18 November at 7pm.

Hosted by comedian and actor Arsenio Hall, The show will feature a mix of comedy, music and celebrity guests, bringing a fresh new perspective to the talk show scene. The show runs Monday to Fridays.

An Emmy Award-winner, the original "The Arsenio Hall Show" broke ground with iconic moments like Bill Clinton playing his saxophone, Michael Jackson's guest appearance with Eddie Murphy and Mariah Carey's television debuts. It ran from 1989 to 1994, introducing "woof, woof" and the "Dog Pound" into the pop culture conscious. A new generation discovered Arsenio when he appeared and won the fifth edition of "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2012.

Arsenio began his career in stand-up comedy, and soon caught the eye of television executives who tapped him for guest appearances on shows such as "Solid Gold" and "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson," which led to his hosting Fox's "The Late Show" in 1997. In addition to his stand-up and hosting work, Arsenio established a career as an actor in movies such as "Coming to America" and TV shows such as the drama series "Martial Law".

The talk show will feature guests Chris Tucker (premieré night), Ice Cube (19th Nov.), Magic Johnson (20th Nov.), Mark Harmon, Lisa Kudrow, Ice Cube, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, George Lopez and Angela Bassett during the show's first week on air. Musical guests include Nas (20th Nov), Mac Miller, Earth, Wind & Fire and Emblem3, in addition to surprise guests set to pop in during premiere week.

The show's repeats are at 12:15 & 21:50.

Sunday Chillas with top SA Soul acts

Kedebone MkhabelaThere is one thing that Mzansi freshest people love doing at the end of the weekend on Sunday, and that is to Chill out.

That is exactly what a number of Mzansi Soul artists, actors, the media and special guests did when they came together at the exquisite House Higgo boutique guest house in Northcliff on Sunday, 10th Nov.. Just two blocks from Beyers Naude lane (and Mountainview Street), the venue is one of hidden gems in the busy city of Jozi with spectacular views of Cresta, Sandton, Randburg and surrounding suburbs from the side.

A six sleeper and a presidential suite, the 4star guest house "used mainly for events (weddings, functions, business centre and overnight stay)" was a perfect setting for the show that "is an extension of live amp", and will provide talented young musicians with a platform to share their soul music journeys. With picnic baskets freely handed out, plenty of food on offer, drinks flowing, music by Vusi Nova and Moneoa on the lawns of this immaculate venue, attendees were then introduced to the presenters of the show Kedebone Mkhabela (pictured right) and a newest discovery, Kay Sibiya (right). "Chillas" kicks off on 17 November, at 1pm.

"Sunday Chillas" will offer viewers an opportunity to get to know this crop of young musicians - what their method of success is, who they look up to and who they are off camera. The show "is not a talk show about soul celebrities, it's a soul music show that features soul celebrities".

SABC1 Portfolio Marketing Manager: Entertainment Dichaba Phalatse comments, "The show aims to reflect and accentuate the Sunday mood using soul music, and South African soul artistsKhumbulani Sibiya1 themselves. Our viewers can expect to see artist such as The Muffinz, The Soil, Kabomo, Zonke & many more who will be interviewed on the show. Sundays will never be the same again, because our viewers will now unwind, relax and enjoy a different television experience on Sundays."

Sunday Chillas is an inspirational and insightful show about soul musicians who have broken the limits of the music industry and set their own trends. Artists already shot include Afrotraction, Zonke, The Soil, Maleh, Moneoa, Joel Zuma, Malik, MXO, The Muffinz, Kabomo and Lilly Million.

The show reveals their B-side: Who they are in private. The difficulties they face in their lives and how they use these challenges to create their music. Sunday Chillas is a 48 minute show composed of guest interview, 6 music videos and 3 inserts.

There are three inserts in an Episode: My Hood shows where an artist grew up - their 'Kasi' or 'hood' and how their surrounding influenced their music career. The Breakthrough section profiles young up-and-coming artist/group making the right moves in the industry.

Behind the scenes is "A realist view of the world and business of music", like a behind the scenes of a music video shoots, a concert, a big interview etc and a look at the business world supporting the music industry.

Sunday Chillas is composed of music videos, inserts, soul stars music news and interviews and a fans perspective of the guest. The show will provide guests with a laid-back relaxed atmosphere in which interviews will be conducted.

"I'm the most blessed person under the sun," says Kede Mkhabela, "I get to co-host a show and experience music both of which are my first loves. We are getting to tell more Mzansi stories and connect with fans and viewers alike."

The music show will be presented in 60% IsiZulu, 15% English, IsiXhosa 20% and Sesotho to provide for a wider crossover appeal.

Blackbelt TV packs a punch

BBelt1Remember the days when we imitated the Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan's moves after watching any of their movies?

Yep, that was us (ok, guess that depends on how old you are – hope I am not revealing my age here) and we seriously believed we could be those guys by simply re-creating their moves.

Well, Blackbelt TV is doing that in real terms. The channel that is all things Martial arts from karate to Kungfu, Judo, Thai, Muay and more, recently celebrated their anniversary with a kick at 54 on Bath in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

Featuring shows like "Move of the day", "The fight scene", "Rockin' Rounds", "Wild World of Martial arts", "Kungfu foolish", "Move of the day", "Blackbelt TV babes" and more, the network is hosted by gorgeous and fun Flight jocks and showcases hours of karate moves than anybody else in the world. Apart from moves, the channel also carries music fighter use for walkouts, movies use for fight scenes and you can train to on "Tough tunes" and "Kung Foolish" showcasing martial arts stand-ups, paradies, animated clips and shorts.

The South African anniversary gathering also came with news of a first South African Fight League attended by some of the names to partake in the league. Also in attendance were model Jabbin' JJ Anderson, host of martial arts talk show "3 Rounds With" and Larry Kasanoff, founder and CEO of Blackbelt TV and film producer ("Mortal Kombat", "True Lies", "Terminator 2' and 'Dirty Dancing")
Speaking to www.showbizone.co.za Larry said that the Channel has been growing everywhere in the world and "getting better and better". Although it is more men (18 – 34) following it, the plan is to have a female channel as well'.

Given the circumstances that women find themselves in SA and the world at large, Larry says girls have come to him before regarding being trained to defend themselves, and 'this is definitely influenced by what they see on the channel'.

"We have tested such an initiative in Los Angeles successfully. We are thinking of initiatives that would assist girls through the channel that we will roll out throughout the world. "Move of the day" is one such initiative where we show a move using the channel. We also plan to motivate schools to do free martial arts classes."
"Point is to be safe. "...and we have seen that this could be done, as more kids are now into martial arts than basketball in the states," he stresses.

The beautiful Jabbin' JJ says she got into this just to be fit. "This is great for self-defence, self-confidence and definitely good for the spirit.

The star who was made to wrestle from age 8, says she has come a long way from when she was picked up on a lot and appreciate it as she "has grown solid" and would encourage young girls to take up martial arts and follow the channel as well.

Blackbelt TV is on .

The voice talent on iTunes / vote for winner

The voice finalists 4fA week before the "The Voice SA" finale, all of the songs performed by the Top 13 can be listened to on Apple Music, and bought on iTunes.

Universal Music South Africa is giving the talent a taste of what it is like to record their own tracks and have their music made available for public release. The record company that will also be giving the winner of the show a recording contract – are releasing two "The Voice SA" albums this week and next week respectively.

This week will feature 13 songs from the Top 13, and next week will feature tracks from the talent performing in the finale. To find out how to download or listen to your favourite singers' songs, visit www.mnet.tv/thevoice.

The great news come after Zoe from #TeamLira was offered a feature on Kahn Morbee's forthcoming album, and the eliminated Thapelo Lekoane invited to join Lira on her Standard Bank Joy of Jazz appearance this year.

In more good news, next week's live finale will be simulcast both on M-Net Channel 101 as well as sister channel M-Net City Channel 115, which is available on DStv Compact. Furthermore, Thembeka has been invited to join Karen Zoid on her "Republic of Zoid Afrika" tour, and a "big surprise" for the rising star whom Karen promised to look after and protect from record companies and all people who chose to work with her beyond the contest.

As it stands, the four talent who were saved by South Africa are fitter-and-turner apprentice, Almur Marais (25), whose also become known as "Stilfontein; blind singer Vernon Barnard (22); the UJ student The voice finalists 2with the deep voice Clemour (24); and family man Jeremy Olivier (40) from Cape Town. They join powerhouse divas Thembeka Mnguni (32) from Durban, Zoe Modiga (22) who is originally from Pietermaritzburg and now studying in Cape Town, supercool Capetonian Richard Stirton (22), as well as Gavin Edwards (37), who is trying to make a comeback after experiencing the bad side of a rock-and-roll lifestyle.

As the coaches have no more say in the outcome of the competition, the voting public will decide this week which performers get to have a last go at grabbing the title, the sought-after contract from Universal music and more than R800 000 worth of prizes during next week's live finale from Sasani Studios in Johannesburg.

The voting lines for the eight remaining singers – two from each coach – will close as per usual on Thursday night at 10pm. Thereafter, the voting figures will determine who will be representing each of the coaches – Karen Zoid, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Lira and Kahn Morbee – in the last showdown on Sunday, 22 May. One of these four singers, as voted for by the public this week and the live finale, will then be named The Voice of South Africa.

Here are the voting details for your favourites in the Top 8: In #TeamBobby voters have to choose between the 22-year old blind singer Vernon Barnard [voting no 06] and 37-year-old Gavin Edwards [voting no 02 ]. In #TeamKaren the vote is between Almur Marais (25) from Stilfontein [voting no 17] or Thembeka Mnguni (32) from Durban [voting no 23].

In #TeamKahn the race is on between students Clemour Ngobeni (24) from Midrand [voting no 09] and Richard Stirton (22) from Cape Town [voting no 16], and #TeamLira's Top 2 are: Jeremy Olivier (40) from Cape Town [voting no 27] and Zoë Modiga (22) from Pietermaritzburg [voting no 32].

You can also join The Voice SA conversation on "The Voice SA" Facebook page, and via Twitter on @VoiceSA with the hashtag #TheVoiceSA, or use your WeChat account and check in with the ID MNetTV. (But remember that Facebook and Twitter comments do not count as votes!)

Penulultimate battle excites

Boys savedAfter pairing up some fantastic talent against each other this past Sunday, "The Voice SA" coaches Karen Zoid, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Lira and Kahn Morbee again had to make some tough decisions on the show's fiercer than ever Battle round.

As the rules of the competition prescribe, the coach who has prepped the talent for these sing-offs, also faces the often impossible task of picking a winner to proceed to the next round. This week, however, one coach's loss became another one's gain – twice!

Karen choked up when powerhouse singer Thembeka Mnguni (33) from Durban battled Blaque Harmony (pictured hugging) - the inspiring duo of Karabo Makwela (24) and Botlhale Phora (20) - with the U2 anthem "With Or Without You". The teary-eyed and very proud Karen said that she was watching and listening to true artists giving her hope for music in South Africa and made her decision based on the fact that she believed that she could take the winner of the Battle all the way to the top. When Thembeka heard that she was the one, coach Lira immediately snatched up the two guys from Ga-Rankuwa with her one and only available Steal.

This means that Blaque Harmony will now compete as part of #TeamLira in the live shows, during which the voting public will also have a say.

In the second Steal of the evening, coach Bobby zapped one of #TeamLira's members when she experienced a similar conundrum. Seasoned performer and family man Jeremy Olivier (40) from Cape Town, who quickly discovered that he still has a lot to learn, was up against the barely-out-of-school 20-year-old Durban student Austin Lurring when they battled with "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. They both delivered mesmerising performances, prompting Lira to consult with her co-coach Nianell. They then went with Jeremy, giving Bobby the gap to steal Austin. "I fought for him from Day One," he grinned. "And you didn't choose me!" he reminded Austin. "But you're on Team Bobby now."

For her next Battle of the evening, Lira paired the successful Bloemfontein singer-songwriter William Wolf (33) against 21-year-old Zoë Modiga from Pietermaritzburg – who won a SAMRO music scholarship in 2015 to study anywhere in the world, but decided to enter "The Voice SA" instead. Their Battle of the Bryan Adams hit "Heaven" gave her "nightmares", Lira said, and she had to consult co-coach Nianell again. Lira admitted that she would love to work with William as a songwriter, "but I almost sense that what you have to offer might be swallowed up in this competition," she told him, "so it makes sense to put Zoë through."

Even though he only had one clash in this episode, Bobby complained of "always getting the difficult ones". Kim Collins, the 37-year-old single mom and hairdresser and the spunky 24-year-old Chris Werge, both from Cape Town, brought their A-game with Sam Smith's "Stay With Me". Co-coach Toya Delazy was called in and after some consideration, Bobby opted to give Kim the opportunity to move forward in the competition.